My New Office

Starting next week, that’s the first week of April, this will be my new office. Well, not really, but I’ll be working for the company that hosts this coaster, Six Flags. I’ll be overseeing all the SQL Server stuff for the entire organization. That means the back office stuff, plus what it takes to run all 19 parks. This will offer an interesting set of challenges that I haven’t had to face before. One example is up-time. During the day, availability must be 100% as many times we won’t get a second chance to work with a customer. They’ve gone home, which could be in a different state. Even though we must be up 100% of the time the park is open, the parks don’t usually stay open 24 hours which helps with maintenance windows.

This will be an exciting change of pace for me and working with an organization whose purpose is to entertain and amuse. I look forward to what this change will bring. Also, if I ever have a stressful day, I can go to the park that is nearby and ride a coaster to chill out. I’m sure I’ll be taking advantage of this a lot.

Image credit to Michael Wallace