For the last year, I have been working for an Accounts Payable auditing firm in Charleston, SC. The work was good and so was the pay. Since I graduated college 6 years ago, I had been wanting to specialize in database work, but all I kept finding were generalist positions. This month I got offered an opportunity to be a real, full-time DBA for a large retail chain in Dallas, TX.

My wife and I enjoyed Charleston for the beach, scenery, and food. This was at the expense of a two day drive or plane ticket to get home to see family. The lack of seeing family has really worn on us and we're ready to get closer to home. Being offered a job that's only 3 hours from home and getting to focus on one specific technical area was too good to pass up.

I look forward to visiting all the community groups in the Dallas area starting November 1st (maybe earlier). Unfortunately, this confirms that I will not be attending the PASS summit this year, bummer.

If you would like to take my former position, email